"I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing."
(John 15:5)

Marty Sinopoli Ministries

Making a difference in our community one life at a time.
In 2011, my husband and I ventured into owning our own business, we could have never imagined what God had in store. Our journey to bring a gift shop to our small town, (population of approx. 8,000), selling affordable gifts, but instead sold hope, love and a sense of community....free of charge! After a devastating flood hit our area, leaving many with sorrow and loss, hope sprang forward through a tiny prayer i'd said months before, "God if you can use me, I am willing". As a business owner we now had a platform, we collected cleaning supplies for our areas residents to help with the huge cleanup ahead, as time went on the town turned it's attention toward someone they felt they could trust. Thousands of dollars in donations poured in, as well as non-monitary donations. When the crisis was over, I found my life had been forever changed.
Since that time we have taken on several community outreach projects. Our current projects include free community classes such as; canning/preserving food, adult and children's art classes, spiritual mentoring and bible study, shopping on a budget, couponing and bartering. These are 12 week courses and as they are completed, new classes will begin based on the community's needs. Other ongoing community outreach include, but are not limited to, assisting fire victims, the homeless, Christmas project to assist families of the working poor, heating assistance, essentials for families with major medical issues, providing food, coats and clothing for children and much more.
We are starting a non-profit to aid us in continuing this much needed assistance. Please join this cause with a monetary donation, but more importantly join the movement of loving your neighbor and sharing the love of Christ.
Marty Sinopoli Ministries will continue being His hands and feet in prayer, hard work and love, as Christ works to change people's lives. We are hoping to set a fire that will transcend the border of this community and spread to the hearts of all who want to help their neighbor in love to those who need it most.

 So much is going on with the ministry! We had a very successful Children's Clothing & Toy Swap and our first Random Act of Kindness recipient Tina Defacis, both were featured in the News Item. We are coming up on another Random Act of Kindness for Father's Day and another really big project in the planning stages. The Ministry Facebook page is updated almost daily. Please stop by and see what all we are doing!

 I am a single mother of two girls and have been struggling with many issues for some time. Since I've come into contact with Marty and her Ministries I can truly say my life has been impacted in so many positive ways. I have not only been blessed with Godly mentoring and advice but been blessed by many people thru Marty's ministry. I was truly overwhelmed how God has directly met many of our family's needs... Financially, spiritually, mentally, emotionally and in every aspect of our lives. I now have such hope and genuine peace about our future. I am also learning the joy it is to help others. I hope to be a blessing to many through Marty's ministries.

Each part of who we are affects the other parts and contributes to how God wants to use us. Here is what each part contributes to the way we will serve:
Your walk motivates you for ministry, Your spiritual gifts enable you for ministry,
Your passions give focus to ministry, Your personality expresses itself in ministry,
Your experiences help develop you for ministry.
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